How does Mount work?

Here are the basics to start your journey.

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Mount is the software platform that empowers you to easily enhance the guest experience. Our solution makes it easy for you to track in-house equipment usage, whether you are charging your guest or including items in the rental.

Additionally, by registering your amenity with Mount, most equipment will include liability protection under our insurance policy, which will pick up where your property insurance no longer offers you protection. Here are the insurance basics:

  • Mount holds a $2M aggregate Commercial General Liability policy that includes $1M for bodily injury protection & property damage and $1M for personal injury & advertising injury liability.

  • Mount adds you to our insurance policy as an additional insured party, giving you access to our insurance coverage.

  • Currently our insurance policy is only available for our most popular amenities:

    • Bikes and e-bikes

    • Scooters

    • Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, surfboards

  • Amenities such as golf carts and UTVs do not qualify for liability protection, but you are still welcome to list via Mount.

Please watch this video for a full explanation of our unique insurance offering.

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