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Get ready to level up your guest experience!
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This is what you came for, right? The chance to offer something unique to your guests.

To get started, click "Create a New Amenity" from your main dashboard.

This will take you the the amenity creation page, and a few steps away from listing an amenity. There are two types of amenities:

  1. Rentable amenities, such as bikes, scooters, and kayaks.

  2. Purchasable amenities such as phone charges, snacks, party decorations—you name it!

To find our recommendations for locks and amenity boxes, read this article.

Your first step is naming your amenity. If you already have amenities listed, you'll want to give your new amenity a unique name to differentiate it from the others. For example, you could add the street name or property name after the item. This name is what the guest will see as well.

After naming the amenity, choose the correct location from the dropdown menu.

When choosing the amenity type, you can choose from our pre-filled amenities or a custom rental or purchase from the dropdown window.

If you choose a custom rental or purchase, you will be promped to provide a description of the amenity.

Note: Custom amenities require approval. We will reach out to you after you create a custom amenity, or feel free to email with any questions. Please do not order a QR code until your amenity has been approved.

You're now ready to order a QR code! Simply click "Create" and you'll be taken to your amenity list.

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